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"I have had anxiety off and on for several years but never coupled with depression. Last year, I experienced both for about a year. It was making me incredibly anti-social. I felt like I didn’t have a grasp on how others were receiving me. I had a very negative world view of myself.  I would say my biggest complaint going into the appointment was feeling internally disconnected. The acupuncture felt so connected. I felt like the needles turned the ON switch. I felt so taken care of by Kirem. From the intake at the beginning of the appointment, to the application, this is such an intuitive skill of hers. She helped flow through the procedures and did such a great job explaining as she was going. My soul session and acupuncture happened simultaneously and it was unbelievable. Kirem was able to pull information from my physical body that no one but me would even know how to resonate with. Her messages were so poignant to my experience and so accurate that I cried on the table. It was a deep remembering of self. I feel like my session with Kirem sparked my ability to harness necessary internal agency to take command of my life again. I was letting a lot of things, people, and beliefs run the show, and my work with Kirem put me back in the driver's seat. I would recommend Peach and Crane to anyone who is seeking transformation... anyone who wants to work with a knowledgeable professional in the field of acupuncture or body/spirit intuition. Kirem taps into the spaces of ourselves that are so easy to neglect and let go of. By working with Kirem I’ve found those spaces and reclaimed them for myself. Transformational stuff! Go in open. Being open yourself has nothing to do with being gullible, it allows you to receive the information that is being brought to you. Because Kirem works so cleanly and is so grounded, there’s very little required of you to do other than be yourself."

G.O., Nashville

"As someone familiar with acupuncture, I was looking for a local acupuncturist who didn't simply throw me on a table and prick me, take my money and book my next appointment.  I am someone who needs to feel a connection with my doctors and feel they truly care about my well-being. Kirem was referred to me by a trusted friend and from the moment I walked in I knew she was the real thing and I immediately felt the connection I was hoping for. She sat and talked with me and felt as much as my therapist in that first visit as my new acupuncturist!  As I shared my spiritual beliefs she shared that she not only offered acupuncture sessions but that she did 'soul sessions'. It was in my first soul session that I realized this is an amazingly gifted intuitive modern day medicine woman.  She was guided to my specific acupuncture points as she gave me my soul reading. Essentially, based on what she was being told intuitively, she saw the areas of need in my body and where my blocked energy may be lurking, and she was guided to those areas to treat. She then simply sat with me and led me through what may seem like a guided meditation, but with tidbits of wisdom and information given to her throughout from 'the other side'. Some may call these 'other side' messengers Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels or simply the Holy Spirit providing Words of Knowledge. I felt such healing and clarity afterwards. My specific healing needed was for physical pain, and I am happy to say that I've been less symptomatic every week since meeting Kirem and beginning this journey.  Merging Chinese medicine with her intuitive abilities, one is sure to experience a shift in their being, and in their life."

J.W., Franklin

"You will find yourself a very Blessed person to have the chance to work with Kirem. She is the most intelligent, Intuitive practitioner I have ever had the great fortune to work with. It always amazes me what thread she lands on in our Soul Sessions. She has the ability to kindly and compassionately move me into facing and opening up areas of my psyche that really need to see the sunlight and to heal. She's the one truly safe place I've ever found to do some of my deepest work. Her understanding, yet her ability to intuit what your next step on the healing path is is phenomenal. I have spent 36 years working on unraveling the lessons I've come here to learn and to fully grasp the purpose of this lifetime. So often have felt I did not have the person I needed most to deal with some of my deepest issues with. I knew it would take a person that could combine Spirituality, Love, Intelligence, Compassion and a deep Intuitive to truly feel safe enough to get into it with.  And that took a very long time for me to find! Kirem is "my personal trainer" in my Spiritual life... I always wished I could sit down on a bench with God and say, 'Can you talk to me about this? It's so complicated and I've worked on this for so many years I'm really tired yet I still don't understand how to change this area of my life.' And in an unbelievable way, Kirem has come to be that one person that can do this with me...  Plan to record your Soul Sessions and re~listen and work with them between appointments. It's only because I understand that she is handing me "the keys" to help myself, but it's up to me to do the personal interior work to make change

R.H., Nashville

"After being in a difficult place in my life and only being 20 years of age I was hesitant to start acupuncture or to receive any type of treatment. I was struggling from anxiety, depression, migraines, and seizures. I had already been to 3 different psychiatrists before being introduced to Kirem and was losing hope in finding help. Kirem instantly welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like i was the only patient she had the whole day. During my first treatment I had this indescribable feeling of calmness. From that first session forward my migraines began to go away, anxiety was managed, and Kirem was able to teach me meditation that did more than a drug that the neurologist gave me. I am happy to say I have not had a seizure in 2 months and am not on any seizure medication. After struggling with so many things it is a great feeling to have and I instantly wanted to share. I would tell my friends and family to go to an acupuncturist for their different situations but they would tell me they see one at the chiropractor or didn’t want to pay to get stuck with needles. These people were far wrong in their interpretations of what treatment I got. Kirem would talk to me and see what was going on in my life the beginning of the treatment. If I has having a hard time with allergies she would instantly know a point to help. Kirem and acupuncture have changed my life for the better and I would tell anyone and everyone to try it."

C.F., Brentwood

"I’ve tried multiple healing practices that have been helpful, but what is most appealing about working with Kirem is she literally offers all of those in ONE. It’s the whole package in a one-stop treatment. I’ve done acupuncture before, but working with Kirem was very different. The depth of how responsive I was from the very first treatment was amazing. She is able to tap into the core internal & external issues right away. The treatments were so impactful each & every time. I will always continue to work with her for this very reason. I absolutely love [acupuncture]... I have an immediate reaction of calming and healing effects. Soul sessions are transformative. Kirem has such a gift at tapping into the core issues you are seeking guidance with, be it physically, emotionally or both. I highly recommended this treatment. I've also done previous Reiki work, and I loved learning a deeper understanding of the practice and how to implement it back into my life. It’s an incredible tool to be able to practice on yourself in day to day life. As a result of being a client at Peach and Crane I’ve been introduced to multiple workshops, and a network of healers. Kirem is fully invested in bringing people together in community for support and healing. I’ve worked with many healers for the last 10 years, but this experience has given me the most overall sense of wellness and support. In the time I’ve worked with Kirem I’ve experienced major life changes... She’s helped me deal with multiple health issues, relationship issues, goal setting, and optimal healing tools for support. It’s been transformative... the scope of what Kirem can do is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. She is the whole package when it comes to healing. I describe her as the 'healing mother to all'. I wasn’t skeptical because I’ve done some of this work before. But for the person that is, I’d just say the proof is in the pudding. It just works. If you just have an open mind & a desire for change & healing in your life, please book a treatment ASAP. I believe there are those that are chosen to help other people thrive and heal. I believe 100% Kirem is that person."

J.J., Nashville

"The effects of fatigue and stress had been accumulating for years, I had essentially worn myself out. There were many activities I was just too tired to do. I’ve tried everything under the sun from chiropractor to traditional medicine and… had acupuncture many times before.  What I like about Peach & Crane is that Kirem takes into account your whole being and works to help you remedy problems in an all-encompassing way. She uses her intuitive qualities, knowledge of Chinese medicine / modalities, professionalism and healing nature in conjunction with the information you open up and share with her that you desire help with through her services. It’s a healing process that unfolds as you put your trust in her hands. Kirem is very well rounded in that she is super professional (meaning she can clearly work with comforting any personality type or experience level, from those who have never had acupuncture before to those with lots of experience). She is very authentic. I always feel cared for, safe and that she wants to do everything possible to provide me the best possible service and care during my appointment time.  She will also follow up with you by email or phone, showing she is truly invested in her clients, beyond just the amount of time she has with you in an appointment. I have had acupuncture and a feng shui consultation through Peach & Crane and have experienced tremendous life changing results! Better health overall! Thanks, Kirem, you’re a shiny sparkly radiant gem!"

A.M., Nashville

"I came to Kirem and Peach and Crane very broken and dysfunctional.  I had just gotten back from a doctor’s appointment that told me things I already knew.  I was extremely overweight, my cholesterol was through the roof, my energy levels were nonexistent even after coffee and or Red Bull, I was told I would never have children of my own due to infertility issues, my relationship was my wife was volatile at times, and most importantly of all I was miserably unhappy with myself and what I had become.  I was existing day to day and not even in a life or manner that I could internalize as “me.”
The doctor pushed for an additional appointment after my physical and prepared me for my visit with notions of a virtual “cornucopia,” of medications to mask the issues I was afflicted with as well as additional medications to mask the symptoms those medications would then create.  After years of sheepishly accepting whatever pill I was told would help make me better, I stepped back and admitted to myself that enough was enough.  There had to be a better and more natural way.  If my body was reacting to whatever toxic substances I had ingested or fed myself why would I choose to do more harm to it in an effort to help it get better?  They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Like a horse with blinders, I had followed the carrot that was wellness to a treadmill.  No matter what I did, no matter how I moved, no matter how I felt; I was rutted in and sinking faster and faster as I struggled to get, “better.”
I needed to treat me.  My whole self.  Inside, outside, physically, emotionally, and spiritually I was broken.  Not only was I broken but my breaks were beginning to take a toll on my beloved wife and family as well.  Comparatively, Western medicine is in its infancy compared to Chinese medicine.  I rationalized that this was a feasible alternative to my dilemma and also afforded me the opportunity to utilize natural treatment rather than continue lackadaisically down the path to more pharmaceuticals.  
I went in search of a practitioner I felt would be not only capable, but also professional and well established.  Unable to find one, I enlisted my wife who immediately found Kirem and Peach and Crane.  I was quite impressed by the professionalism that exuded even from her website.  I reached out and scheduled our first meeting and consultation.  It was painfully obvious how out of tune I was with my body, my spirit, my thought processes, my marriage, and overall just me as a whole from the get-go.  I did, however, leave the Peach and Crane office with a renewed sense of hope as everything I told Kirem was of concern to me she assured was completely treatable.  More importantly, my intuition as to all my concerns being interconnected was validated.  This meant we could treat me as a person, not as a group of symptoms. 
I was skeptical before my first treatment.  I had given myself the limit of one month of treatments to see marked improvement or I would revert to treatment through medication at my physician’s office.  I was so very nervous before my first appointment.  However, I had empowered myself with the understanding that if nothing else this would be a journey outside my comfort zone.  Coming from a business savvy corporate background there is not much room for anything outside the parameters that someone in our culture would consider to be, “normal.”  The other part to this is my adjusting to trusting my gut and following what I know at my core to be best for myself and my body.
As my first treatment began, I took a deep breath as Kirem instructed and waited for her to apply the needle.  There was no pain... As more needles were applied during the treatment I began to find myself slipping into a place I had not been in a long while.  I was relaxed.  After a few moments of all the needles being placed in my body I could no longer even tell they were there.  When Kirem returned to remove the needles I found myself in a somewhat euphoric state of rest and relaxation which I had not felt since my childhood.  I knew I had found the proper manner in which to treat the ailments I had suffered with for so long.
Fast forward to my ninth treatment.  We are now around two months into my treatment and I have had the opportunity to survey most all of what Kirem and Peach and Crane have to offer.  I cannot tell you how pleased and amazed I am with the results we have achieved as a team.  I am now thirty pounds lighter.  I have more energy than when I was a teenager.  I feel good about myself, my body, my marriage, and my overall direction in life.  I want to exercise.  I want to follow what I have learned is good for me and feel even better.  In my personal assessment, my treatment has been more cost effective than had I followed my general practitioner’s advice and simply masked my symptoms with various pharmaceuticals.  The success I have achieved while working with Kirem has led me to also get my wife involved and on her own path of health and achievements with Peach and Crane.  My only regret is that I had not found Kirem and Peach and Crane sooner.  Thank you for all you have done and what I know we will accomplish in the future.  You are truly a blessing to me and my family."

J.L., Spring Hill

"I scheduled a soul session with Kirem to help me understand the energetic issues surrounding an unhealthy relationship. Kirem lead me thru the history of my relationship and helped me understand why and how we had managed to get so disconnected. And how our personalities are toxic at times when we are together. The soul session helped me better understand the dynamics of my relationships with those closest to me. I was given tools and ideas of how to deal with situations that often come up. I am mentally and spiritually stronger to help my family at this critical time. I look forward to another soul session to listen to my soul guide me rather than my day to day life. There is so much that we can learn from our own soul and energy that surrounds us, but most of us are weighted down with life. We cannot be still and quiet long enough to listen. That is the beautiful gift that Kirem has been given and shares with you in a soul session. I truly feel more relaxed and refueled after a treatment. Acupuncture is the perfect overall tune up for me. Cupping is heavenly, feels good and gets the blood flowing. If you have a concern or problem that interferes with your happiness and well being, try a soul session. It is amazing what you will learn and how Kirem is able to communicate and share with you conflicting obstacles that may be in your way or beautiful and helpful opportunities or talents that you do not know about. Just do it, you will be surprised."

N.P., Nashville

"I just need you to know how incredibly and eternally grateful I am to you, if I had not... met you and went on my journey with you and your classes and all the beautiful people I met I would have never been able to heal and open my mind and heart to be able to talk to my daughter and others in the afterlife. I can’t even explain how much I appreciate and am just soooo thankful for everything you did for me!! I am definitely a completely different person and changed person... my life has been so much more peaceful..."


"I came in with shoulder and neck pain I have been dealing with for 15 years. Have tried anti inflammatory meds, PT etc and nothing helped. Having the pain in my neck and shoulder would cause me to feel uncomfortable and great anxiety. I love how Kirem really eased me into acupuncture and cupping. Listened to my needs and really created a personalized treatment for me. I love cupping! She also eased me into this with it being my first experience. It feels great and spa like everytime I go. Amazing results! Less pain for sure and have the tools and support to lead a healthy lifestyle. I already have told several people. Kirem really listens, builds a relationship with you and has your best interest at heart.  I would say stay consistent with the initial treatments and be patient. Kirem will really listen and tailor the treatment to you needs."

MLC, Franklin

"I found Kirem’s Soul Session extremely helpful. I had specific questions about several situations in my life and was desiring to perceive the situations more clearly in a way I could make changes that would help me grow and learn from these experiences and step closer into my soul path/perspective. Kirem provided clear guidance that helped me both right away and more later as the layers of guidance in the session kept unfolding. I would highly recommend seeing her for a Soul Session if your needing some help connecting with your Soul truth and path! She is a true healer and her desire to see you succeed, connect with your true self and be your best is golden! Kirem is a true gem! She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and I would highly recommend seeing her and experiencing her compassionate care!"


"I have been seeing Kirem since 2016 for treatments. I originally came to see Kirem because of constant knee pain. My knee pain came from residual effects from a fall from a horse in 2012. It was constant and varied daily from how much use and abuse. I horseback ride so it affected my ability to ride without pain. I have Autoimmune issues I also needed help with. The Autoimmune issues started in 2014 and changed daily, they just interfered in day to day comfort. At the time, I was seeing a natural Dr. to help with autoimmune issues. The knee I was just trying creams and salves, just living with the pain. I had never tried acupuncture but with learning more natural ways of health care with my autoimmune issues I had heard of acupuncture and wanted to try it. I was held back because of lack of knowledge, of its benefits, finding a qualified practitioner. I was lucky to have a farrier who had shoulder pain whose dr. referred him to Kirem. He raved on the benefits of taking treatments with Kirem. He also felt comfortable with her and referred her to me. I was thrilled to try her. Here it is 3 years later and my knee pain is completely gone. My autoimmune issues are under control. I have tried most all of the treatments she offers, acupuncture will always remain my favorite. Acupuncture treatments are simply my time to let it all go, the needles relax you and the soft, comfortable table with warmth, lighting, essential oils and soft sounds let you go to another dimension. All the treatments and classes I have taken with Kirem have been delivered with such care in detail, she listens gently, she always responds with suggestions and encouragement. She is a very qualified teacher, mentor, and practitioner. When I went to Kirem for acupuncture treatments, I never ever thought it would lead to Reiki levels one and two. Soon to be three. Kirem is much more than an acupuncturist. [She is] knowledgable with the right touch of compassion, empathy. Let's be honest, most people think the needles in acupuncture will hurt or be uncomfortable but in my 3 years of experience, they do not hurt, in fact when Kirem is addressing my current aliment, when she puts the needles in, she is half done, they have relaxed me and I am ready to zone out from the world. Kirem is personable, comfortable, knowledgeable in her profession. I am grateful to have found Kirem in my first time trying accupuncture. I would recommend her to anyone having health issues or wanting to broaden out and expand in their knowledge of Reiki, Yoga or Soul Sessions."

K.W., Culleoka

"I had severe pain in my neck and shoulder blades due to disc rupture, so much that I was on prescription steroids and the doctor suggested I go for surgery. The steroids also triggered a lot of other problems and I didn’t want to go for surgery. Someone at work recommended Kirem. Right after my first acupuncture, 80% of the pain was gone without any medication and the great thing about acupuncture is, there are no side effects. 
Her office is cozy and a spa like ambiance with the right kind of music. I feel like my appointment with Kirem is a retreat and me-time. She’s not only a great healer but a wonderful counsellor as well. She’s a Reiki master as well. Her work involves much more than just acupuncture. Kirem and her healing energy changed my life!" 


"Kirem is such a beautiful amazing healing soul! I had the most profound experience in her reiki 1 certification class and look forward to my next adventure with her and all the those in my new soul tribe on my journey to my life purpose I will never forget it! Thank you again"


"This summer marks my 2 year anniversary with Peach and Crane. From the moment I met Kirem for an informal consultation dropping by her office unannounced, I felt an instant connection and an incredible level of understanding. I could not wait until my first appointment. Kirem took time to really get to know me. I never felt rushed. She is an incredible listener and an insightful guide. Peach and Crane offers 6 months membership. When Kirem told me about it, I knew I will become a member for life. I have done acupuncture before but none of my experiences compared with the experience I received at Peach and Crane. Depending on the services you choose, you are in for a treat for your body and soul. The soothing, calm, and welcoming atmosphere of Kirem’s unique and well Feng Shuied office leaves you at total peace. Kirem is not only a skilled acupuncturist and cupping therapist, she is a talented Reiki healer and teacher. In addition, to running a successful Peach and Crane practice, Kirem is involved in our community. She organizes healing retreats, teaches Kundalini yoga, and offers master classes on Reiki, business development, visualization, and meditation. Kirem is a positive, bright, talented, and beautiful soul. She is truly an earth angel. We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of Nashville community."

M.C., Brentwood

"I've had severe allergies that cause asthma for the last four years. Breathing deeply was a struggle. I couldn’t catch my breath because of wheezing so strenuous exercise was difficult. I would also get itchy eyes, and my skin would break into hives upon exposure to my allergies. I went to an allergy doctor who prescribed me several inhalers and steroids. I was hospitalized once and they gave me breathing treatments and more steroids. I also tried natural home remedies. I’d only tried acupuncture once before and noticed a few differences... my only other experience with acupuncture wasn’t as helpful as I’d hoped. It was a little painful and uncomfortable. After going to Peach and Crane, I am completely convinced it is the answer for me. Kirem is warm and understanding, she understands the roots of your ailments and aligns a treatment towards it. I always leave feeling instantly refreshed. I have tried acupuncture and cupping. Every experience I’ve had has been wonderful. Kirem is gentle and openly communicates everything that happens. Energetically I feel lighter, I have more energy daily. My allergies are never bothersome anymore, I don’t react to any of my animals. I can take deep breaths and sleep through the night again! People around me have noticed that I’m happier, lighter, I have released a lot of emotion that was disabling me from moving forward. My symptoms have nearly diminished. I am a believer in acupuncture. I have already recommended my sister and I tell everyone around me to go see her. She is a special person and a wonderful healer."

K.B., Franklin

"Kirem has a holistic approach to helping one heal. The loving and sincere attention she shows her patients is incredible. In addition to the acupuncture, Kirem is a skilled listener, which I believe is a very important strength. She manages to ‘pinpoint’ areas of one’s life that may be contributing to the problems one is having. We have discussed diet, family dynamics, dreams and goals, and it all seems to help. She is not just amazing at acupuncture, but is a great coach, as well. I was just ‘stuck’ and ‘in a rut’ and she guided me right out of it and into a place where I feel empowered to change my life."

T.K., Brentwood

"I am so excited about my [first acupuncture] experience that I couldn’t wait for you to check on me — First and foremost — THANK YOU – thank you for your healing and helping. I feel blessed that I’ve met you and am able to experience your healing. Next — I feel completely amazing today. I’m clear and can focus. I feel as though I can take on the world. I don’t even “need” coffee this morning… So —- Wanted you to know how incredible I feel today and express my gratitude. Thank you!"


"Hey Kirem, just a quick thank you for the beautiful treatment yesterday. I felt soo much better afterwards. I am aware of the love, thought and spiritual consciousness that you put into your work and am so grateful."

P.L., Nashville

"I had one other experience with acupuncture. My experience with Kirem could not have been more different. Kirem treats the whole person. [A soul session] is not just an acupuncture appointment. This was one of the most profoundly healing experiences of my life. I felt completely held and cared for in the most authentic, heartfelt and loving manner. Kirem possesses such grace and is a true healer not only on a physical level but even more importantly on an energetic level. She is an extremely gifted energy healer and intuitive. I was literally floating when I left. I know that the benefits of this healing session are going to be long-lasting. There were several moments of deep clarity and comfort as Kirem brought in the wisdom of Spirit. I will always be profoundly grateful to her and I am most definitely going back to her. I am calmer on a very deep level. I know I received healing on all levels. Everything is brighter since my session! I would absolutely recommend Kirem for any issues you may be experiencing. She treats the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. Her persona and her office are so warm and welcoming - it's like a cozy safe sanctuary. I didn’t want to leave. You will feel cradled by her utmost care and desire to help you heal. Within five minutes you will feel completely at ease. Give yourself this gift of deep core healing. You will leave changed. Thank you so much Kirem, you are a treasure in this world."

E.B., Franklin

"I feel so fortunate to have had Kirem give me my very first acupuncture treatment. I’d heard so many wonderful things about acupuncture and had been wanting to try it for some time, but was always a bit apprehensive. Kirem immediately put me at ease. Some people truly emit a healing energy and she is one of them. During our consultation, she easily identified connections between symptoms I thought were completely unrelated, which gave me a whole new understanding of my body. As soon as she began treatment I instantly relaxed as I realized how painless it really is. Kirem was calming and reassuring throughout and I can honestly say I have never felt as peaceful, clear or rejuvenated as I did after just one treatment!"


"My treatment today was incredible. You are a gifted healer and an amazing soul. My gratitude is endless. Mind-blowing experience again! What you do in a [Soul] session, really, is worth 6 months of weekly therapy. You are so gifted and are so on your path. I am telling my friend to get in to see you, I know it would be life-changing. Life is good again.Again, thank you."

T.K., Brentwood

"Kirem is an exceptional individual and brings sincerity and professionalism to acupuncture. If you have not tried this wonderful experience you owe it to yourself to branch out and make an appointment with her. Her office is adorable, yet tastefully done and when you work with Kirem you realize immediately how dedicated she is to her profession. She spends a lot of time learning about your personal health so that she can customize your treatment to obtain the best possible results. I highly recommend Peach & Crane and know you will experience a truly peaceful, healing, and relaxing experience."

J.B., Brentwood

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