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$150 for an hour session. Readings are conducted via Zoom.

(Couples and groups up to six people are welcome to split the cost).

Find out your Soul Signs!

A Soul Sign reading offers the opportunity to learn about not just one, but two animals that form your own unique couplet -- two symbols representing one's soul and one's persona. This magical combination informs us of the balance between the Yin and Yang aspects of ourselves, where we are shining brightly and where we are learning and growing the most on our life path. A Soul Signs reading provides insight that immediately helps us recognize and connect with our own innate gifts and power in a fun, relatable way.

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Testimonial:  “Kirem’s soul animal readings are filled with the deeper wisdom of the animal kingdom.  She helps unravel what they can teach us about ourselves in a given situation. Insightful, contemplative, valuable and fun….I highly recommend.”

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Testimonial: "What a gift Kirem has! I absolutely loved my Soul Animal Wisdom reading. Knowing my soul animals has been so enlightening. It has helped me get to know myself at an entirely deeper level. Now I want to know the soul animals of everyone in my life!"

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"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."

Pablo Picasso

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