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A Daily Devotional for the Evolving Empathic Soul
published weekly by Kirem Marnett, L.Ac.

***Note that The Empath Almanac is on publishing hiatus until 2020***

The symbolism of the peach in Peach & Crane has much to do with the path of the sensitive Empath. Like the fruit, they are pure, vulnerable, tender and sweet. This state is often taken advantage of or easily manipulated by others, and while many consider Empaths to possess psychic gifts - the ability to intuitively know the emotional states and feelings of those around them - it can be a struggle at times to separate from the needs of others and maintain their own autonomy, clarity, wellbeing and sense of purpose. Like all Lightworkers, Empaths know they came to serve humanity at this critical time. Empaths possess great sensitivity and kindness and are naturally drawn to nurturing and healing. The power of a single Empath among us can hold and heal space for entire communities. Empaths are immensely important individuals in our world today - and their own mind, body and spirit health is vital to the wellbeing of our planet. Empathic herself and now working as an energy medicine practitioner and teacher, author Kirem Marnett was drawn to address the need for empathic individuals to have a dedicated, daily self-care resource. She launched The Empath Almanac to help Empaths tap into their natural evolutionary nature, align their gifts with intention and take daily action to manifest their highest selves. Each week, Kirem shares channeled and intuitively sourced wisdom, affirmations, practices, stories and cosmic and spiritual insights, to help Empaths make sense of and best work with the energies that surround, influence and inspire them.

The Almanac is published online weekly via Patreon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Monthly Subscription: $8.88

Subscribers also receive 10% off services, classes and products at Peach & Crane.

"As an Empath, the Almanac is a little nudge for me to take a minute for myself and a beautiful way to check in with yourself daily. I like the tips on handling energies of Mercury Retrograde and other cosmic happenings, breathing techniques and Kirem's Spirit Animal wisdom. I love when Kirem pulls [oracle] cards for the Facebook group!"

- Almanac Subscriber

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