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Shift Your Financial Reality from 3D to 5D: Group Soul Session and Evolutionary Business Workshop for Lightworkers

Thursday, November 14, 2019 | 6:30-8:30pm | Doors open at 6:15

Cost: $100 ($40 to register, $60 due at the time of the class)

Refunds allowed up to 24 hours prior to the start of the class

Space limited to 14 participants

Are you one of many Lightworkers experiencing a financial awakening or karmic reset this Mercury Retrograde? The collective consciousness is asking Lightworkers to up-shift our financial mindset from the 3D - one of materialism (that propagates lack and survival-mode thinking), to the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness - one of prosperity and abundance in alignment with Source. Join us for a soul-affirming channeled healing session that will be fine-tuned to the group’s distinctive energy. Lightwork Whisperer Kathryn Mahoney combines her incredible business background with her intuitive gifts to help Lightworkers crack financial blocks and break out onto their authentic path. With her straight-to-the-point approach, attendees can expect to leave with life-changing insights to their heart’s true calling and its innate wisdom to abandon limiting beliefs. Offered as a group “soul session”, this will be a one-of-a-kind healing experience uniquely tailored for the group assembled.

About Kathryn Mahoney

Intuitively connected since birth, Kathryn has been sought out by top business owners from around the world, major corporations, and well known political figures. Though she has spent the majority of her career in the business and political spheres, she has used her intuitive gifts to advise clients on a deeper level. Many were drawn to her direct and specific guidance to guide them past blockages and dark spaces - and back on to the path of success quickly. After more than two decades taking entrepreneurs from start-up to multi-millionaires, Kathryn is joining the Lightworker movement and bringing her vast experience to those who are serving a higher purpose through healing. She believes strongly that the world is better when spiritual healers can focus on healing instead of surviving. Kathryn's goal is to guide spiritual healers across the globe to independent success so they can focus on the role of creating a better world for all. In addition to her award-winning business and leadership experience, Kathryn is a certified Feng Shui practitioner and Reiki Master who has completed advanced study in Crystal Reiki and Animal Reiki. In addition, she is a Cards of Destiny practitioner, performing readings for over a decade for both businesses and individuals, and has also studied the Tarot and other metaphysical subjects for over 20 years.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to The Lightwork Awards (www.lightworkawards.com) taking place in our beautiful city on 2/23/2020.

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Monthly Class and Discussion Group | Meets the third Friday of the month

Next class: Friday, November 15, 2019 | 6:30-8:30pm | Doors open at 6:15

Donation: $10 | Space limited to 12 participants

Multiversal Light Codes and Light Languages by MK from We Are Energy Beings is a monthly class and discussion group for anyone who may already be receiving or producing light codes or light language transmissions, or anyone with an open mind and loving desire to learn.

Light codes and light languages are information re-membered from the Divine Consciousness, which some call Source, God, Akashic Records, and is inclusive of all of our life paths, self, and guides across and beyond the Multiverse.

At each meeting, MK will present selections and demonstrations of light codes and light languages in the form of speech, art, scripts, or songs among others. Discussions will involve (but are not limited to) an understanding of what light codes or light languages are, personal experiences in receiving or producing light codes and light language materials, and an attempt to understand and interpret the meaning of the drawings, songs, speech, and writings shared by the facilitator and others in the group (at everyone’s own will off course).

About the Facilitator:
MK from We Are Energy Beings is a singer, songwriter, music producer, animator, film producer, light language speaker and visual artist. He comes from a family of mystics, musicians, performers, artists, and actors, a combination that throttled him to be the ever evolving being that he is today.

Suggested donation is $10 per person per event and can be made by PayPal to goodnessforallbeings@gmail.com or by cash at the time of each group session. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Lightwork Awards (www.lightworkawards.com) presented by the Nashville Lightworker Meetup and taking place in our beautiful city on 2/23/2020.

Quote from a prior attendee:
"This was off the charts! I could not believe how much of the Light Language MK shared my soul immediately understood. With the recognition, I cried. It was incredibly profound and I am beyond intrigued to learn more. MK, looking forward to the next installment!”

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Connect with MK in advance via his Facebook page: https://Facebook.com/MultiversalEnergyBeings




Saturday, November 16, 2019 @ The Parthenon, Nashville | 10-2pm 

Space limited to 30 participants



LIGHTWORKER EDITION: Exclusive to the Lightwork Awards fundraising tour, we will practice Lightwork together with William at the Sacred Sites - MEDITATION, MANTRA AND VISUALIZATION.


Join William Henry, author, co-producer of the hit History Channel show, ANCIENT ALIENS, and GaiaTV host for an unforgettable journey of discovery.

Inspired by his research into the Holy Grail, ancient mystery schools, sacred sites and otherworldly portals, he takes you on a wisdom journey to two of Nashville’s amazing sacred sites. At the end of this incredible journey you will not only know “why Nashville”, but you will discover the ultimate secret of illumination!

Did you know Nashville, TN is the only city in the world with copies of two healing temples from the ancient world? And that these temples not only contain secret messages and symbolism, but their design also incorporates elements of Stonehenge, Egyptian temples and Mount Meru, the portal to Shambhallah and the realm of the gods?

In fact, scratch the surface of Nashville’s mysterious spiritual history and we find one of the world’s great ‘Hermetic’ or mystery cities (like Paris, Rome, Washington, D.C), whose art and architecture is used to transmit spiritual knowledge.

The Bicentennial Mall State Capitol Park or “Stargate “Park” is one of America’s great spiritual centers.

Intrigue, mystery and revelation await us on this unique sacred mysteries and alternative history-based experience as we trace the path of the initiates through Nashville and discover and decode its wonderful secrets, including:

• Nashville’s ancient history as an ascension center

• The connection between ancient Athens and modern Nashville

• The ‘light body’ secrets of Athena and how her statue encodes the secret of human transformation

• The connection between the Rod of Miracles used by Jesus and the rod-shaped Bicentennial Mall

• What all this means for Nashville’s future role in the spiritual development of humanity

Experience thrilling after thrilling aha moments as you journey along these magnificent temple sites with expert guidance provided by William.

William, and his wife, Clare, are known as one of the world’s leading spiritual journey tour leaders, offering journeys to sacred sites in Egypt, France, Italy and England.


Start: Meet at the Parthenon (entrance fees included). Look for William. A team member from The Lightwork Awards will check you in.

Lunch: Following the Parthenon portion of the Tour, attendees will need to provide their own transportation to the Bicentennial Mall. A break will be taken to accommodate travel time and lunch/snack (not included in the tour price), the group will reconvene at the Food Court at the Bicentennial Mall where William will lecture over lunch.

End: Bicentennial Mall State Capitol Park or Stargate Park.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours.

Cost: $125 (includes entrance fees) Advance Registration Required.

This event is presented by The Nashville Lightworker Meetup and is a fundraiser for the Lightwork Awards, taking place in our beautiful city on 2/23/2020. www.lightworkawards.com



With our special focus on Empaths and Sensitives, we offer private Reiki and Kundalini Yoga instruction, one-on-one, in pairs or small groups. These options provide the opportunity to relax into learning without the energetic distractions or interruptions of larger, public classes.


Reiki for Self-Care

Reiki is a 100 year-old Japanese energetic practice that utilizes the same life-force energy or Qi, that acupuncture activates, to promote healing within the body. Reiki is an extremely gentle and relaxing practice that can address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body symptoms. In this introduction to Reiki you will learn about the origins of Reiki and become attuned as a Level I practitioner.

$175 per person | $150 subscribers

75 minutes


Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Reiki II is an amazing experience. Students become more fully immersed in their intuitive gifts and the healing doors open wider than ever. Level II attunement and training benefits include the ability to heal at the emotional level, conduct distance healing and access Reiki faster and more deeply than before. After Reiki II, students are considered professional Reiki healers.

$195 per person | $175 subscribers

90 minutes


An Ancient Technology

Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, is considered a Raj (Royal) Yoga, which means it draws from and combines many forms of yoga into one unified practice that aims to assist the student in awakening their Kundalini or source energy, located at the root of the spine. Each class combines different yogic practices into one kriya (set) which can be tailored to individual needs and abilities.

$175 per class | $150 subscribers

90 minutes



Peach & Crane is proud to serve as the home base for The Nashville Lightworker Meetup group. The Meetup is free to join and open to anyone who considers themselves a Lightworker -- Lightworkers are individuals called to serve humanity at this critical time. Lightworkers may be found in any profession. Many serve as artists, caregivers, coaches, educators, entrepreneurs, entertainers, healers, inventors, leaders, mystics and parents. Frequently, Lightworkers are identified by their empathy, kindness and passion to serve and inspire those around them. Lightworkers at all stages of awakening are welcome. This group was started in the spirit to foster closer community, provide support and share resources and information that can help each member grow into their gifts.