The great acupuncturist will help you disengage, by yourself, from your illness. She will reach for the root of life where newness and aliveness arrive from moment to moment.

-- Ling Shu (or Spiritual Pivot, published 2600 B.C.)


Needlephobics-rejoice! Kirem Marnett is the most talented and gentle acupuncturist you could ever find. I was the LAST person anyone would have ever thought would have acupuncture. Yet, I wanted to try it as an alternative treatment for my arthritic knee. And boy am I glad I did! I was FEARFUL and so tentative about the NEEDLES but most of the time, I don’t even know she has put them in. It is an art and Kirem is a MASTER of this art!!
I was a total acupuncture newbie…and frankly I was a bit skeptical of it in general…but boy was I wrong! My session with Kirem was amazing. First she made me feel really relaxed and comfortable in our consultation, then she pinpointed my issues (which for me were anxiety, stress and a sore foot) perfectly. I felt super relaxed during the session and for a long time after it. Can’t wait to go back!
I want to thank you for your great care and treatments for my back and hip soreness. I have experienced continual improvement going from quite miserable to very comfortable with your regimen. Also I feel I have a good idea of how to better manage tightness in muscles and joints. Your treatment room is most comfortable and relaxing. Thank you for all of your help and advice.
I was a chronic migraine sufferer until I came across Kirem. For the last 6 years I have poured money and time into chiropractic, special diets, even switching to 3 different neurologists to find something that would cure my weekly migraines. Nothing was helping and medicine should not have to be a lifelong commitment. Clients started to suggest I try acupuncture, which I’ll admit I was the first person to poo-poo the idea. After meeting Kirem and realizing I had nothing left to lose by trying one more thing I gave it a shot. My symptoms started improving within the first six visits. Now 8 months later I rarely have migraines, and the daily anxiety I was having is gone. Kirem has given me my life back. Not only is she extremely skilled in her profession she listens, she gets to know you, and she will put you on a path that’s right for you. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of trying acupuncture to head on over to Peach & Crane. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.
Kirem has a holistic approach to helping one heal. The loving and sincere attention she shows her patients is incredible. In addition to the acupuncture, Kirem is a skilled listener, which I believe is a very important strength. She manages to ‘pinpoint’ areas of one’s life that may be contributing to the problems one is having. We have discussed diet, family dynamics, dreams and goals, and it all seems to help. She is not just amazing at acupuncture, but is a great coach, as well. I was just ‘stuck’ and ‘in a rut’ and she guided me right out of it and into a place where I feel empowered to change my life.
Nashville Area Artist, Brentwood
I’ve had neck pain and headaches for over ten years, mostly due to car accidents. I have had lower back pain and a bulging disc for 20 years. I also suffer from overall anxiety, sciatic nerve pain, feeling quick to anger, and an inability to focus. Before coming to Peach & Crane, I went to chiropractors for many years in addition to physical therapy, massage therapy and other healing modalities. The overall benefits of acupuncture are really just amazing. In the five treatments I’ve had with Kirem to date, not only have I noticed a huge reduction of pain in all of my trouble areas, but I have had more energy, and clarity, about the direction that I want to take my life in over the next year. I have much less anxiety and I am happier from day to day.
Cupping is one of my favorite services Kirem offers. It’s so relaxing and when I leave I feel like I just received an hour massage. To all you ladies, this treatment once a month around your menstrual cycle is a game changer. Mood swings are more controllable and cramps are less severe. I’d recommend this service to veteran acupuncture goers and first time newbies!
Kirem is an exceptional individual and brings sincerity and professionalism to acupuncture. If you have not tried this wonderful experience you owe it to yourself to branch out and make an appointment with her. Her office is adorable, yet tastefully done and when you work with Kirem you realize immediately how dedicated she is to her profession. She spends a lot of time learning about your personal health so that she can customize your treatment to obtain the best possible results. I highly recommend Peach & Crane and know you will experience a truly peaceful, healing, and relaxing experience.
I am feeling great. I truly enjoyed my treatment yesterday! I just got my test results at the doc and everything looks great he said. All I care about is that I feel good! You are great at your job! I wish I could do a treatment everyday!
Kirem’s office and treatment room are chic, professional and so soothing. The Peach & Crane Apothecary products are great, I use the hand sanitizer and scrub regularly and they make wonderful gifts. And speaking of, surprise a loved one with a gift certificate presented on lovely hand-crafted cards. They will love you and the treatment. Along with helping the targeted areas, I feel regular acupuncture treatments keep me balanced and centered. Kirem has healing hands and an understanding heart. I feel so much stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you Kirem.
[Since my first treatment] I only woke up twice in the night, which is already an improvement! I have felt not as uptight and anxious as I normally do. I feel more relaxed and calm, almost as if a weight has been lifted off of me. Yesterday after we left and last night my arms in particular felt heavy but in a good way. I would describe it like the feeling I get when I’ve worked out really hard with weights and that night when you get in bed it’s like they are so heavy they are melting into the mattress because you have exhausted all the energy you had in them. I have been feeling around on my arms and legs like you showed me and although I do not know what the places represent it’s crazy the amount of places that are out of balance. I cannot wait until the energy flows through my body the way it should so I can feel even better!
S.P., La Vergne
I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments for almost two years and [my treatments with Kirem] were the most effective treatment sessions to date: my sleep improved significantly, I had more energy, and my moods stabilized. In part, I think the treatments were so effective because Kirem combined her skills as an herbalist and an acupuncturist to address these issues. She is insightful as well as skilled. Kirem has a gift for asking the right questions and truly listening to the responses. In addition, she took the time to meet my needs, even when it required extra time and effort. I truly benefited from each and every acupuncture session with Kirem and would recommend her highly to anyone seeking quality acupuncture care.
I just had surgery recently. I had a treatment prior to surgery and several treatments in the days following surgery. Kirem treated me with acupuncture and moxibustion and I did not need even an Advil during the recovery and my incision healed beautifully. My doctor could not believe my pain-free healing.
N.B., Forest Hills
Hey Kirem, just a quick thank you for the beautiful treatment yesterday. I felt soo much better afterwards. I am aware of the love, thought and spiritual consciousness that you put into your work and am so grateful.
P.L., Nashville
Kirem is a natural when it comes to caring for others. Her pure unadulterated enthusiasm is always a joy to me (and especially so when I announced my pregnancy!). Her belief in acupuncture and a holistic approach, is immediately evident and is infectious in its own way — I feel like she was an important part of making me more open to acupuncture and more confident in it. Besides her enthusiasm and warm personality, I am always impressed with her willingness to do extra research. For me [it was for] fertility — [She recommended] books, foods/diet and other ways outside of acupuncture to care for myself. She encouraged me to think creatively, and that was just an added (unexpected) bonus of coming to acupuncture. My sum, Kirem is an outstanding practitioner, hands down.
I would recommend Peach & Crane to anyone who is considering acupuncture. Before I tried acupuncture, I wondered if it would hurt. Now I actually wish I could have acupuncture every day because it feels so incredible to become that relaxed and to reach that level of peace within the body. During acupuncture treatments with Kirem, I always feel comfortable and so relaxed that there is no pain from my trouble areas of head, neck, back and legs, which is always such a relief. I also can feel a tingling energy moving around that feels like the areas that caused me discomfort are healing. It’s like an ‘internal massage’ and is quite pleasant. Afterwards, I feel that my energy is back in balance and I’m ready to focus upon any task on my long list of tasks.
I never experienced acupuncture prior to Peach & Crane. I can’t imagine anything better. I’ve had Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot that started nine months ago and constant loud ringing in my ears for a long time. Now I am walking completely pain free after six treatments. My daily schedule which includes walking has been resumed pain free. I am sleeping better. The ringing in my ear is much improved and is now more like a soft hum…it is a relief not to experience the loud ringing in my ear. Kirem has taught me to meditate and this is a very helpful tool I now use when I am feeling stressed. She also introduced me to Chinese Herbal rubs which have been very beneficial and smell delightful.
MES, Nashville
I am so thankful you were still there last Friday when [my friend] offered to introduce us. I have been interested in trying a treatment for awhile now but I probably would not have ended up making an appointment had you not been there for me to meet you. I am normally more the shy, quiet, very private type of person but you made me feel so comfortable talking to you. You made me feel important, like I was the only person that mattered in the world during my time there. You genuinely care about your patients and that is really hard to find these days.
Licensed Practical Nurse, La Vergne
I was new to acupuncture and a little apprehensive when I first went to Kirem for a treatment. I went for 2 primary reasons. I have digestive issues and I hold all my tension and stress in my upper back between my shoulder blades causing chronic pain. Kirem’s calmness and confidence immediately made me shed any anxiety. The acupuncture treatments have greatly helped my intestinal concerns and cupping is better than a deep tissue massage for my upper back pain and stiffness.
Kirem is very knowledgeable and thorough. She cares that each client is comfortable with the acupuncture treatment. She is respectful and very gentle with her procedures. She is a delightful, caring, kind individual who is trustworthy, professional and delivers an excellent treatment. I am so pleased with my results. Just know that you will be in very capable and caring hands. I was frightened walking into my first acupuncture. When I walked out I felt blessed to have found Kirem.
MES, Nashville
I am so excited about my [first acupuncture] experience that I couldn’t wait for you to check on me — First and foremost — THANK YOU – thank you for your healing and helping. I feel blessed that I’ve met you and am able to experience your healing. Next — I feel completely amazing today. I’m clear and can focus. I feel as though I can take on the world. I don’t even “need” coffee this morning… So —- Wanted you to know how incredible I feel today and express my gratitude. Thank you!
My treatment today was incredible. You are a gifted healer and an amazing soul. My gratitude is endless. Mind-blowing experience again! What you do in a session, really, is worth 6 months of weekly therapy. You are so gifted and are so on your path. I am telling my friend to get in to see you, I know it would be life-changing. Life is good again. Again, thank you.
T.K., Brentwood
Kirem, you are truly an amazing and talented healer. You are one of those few people who are doing what they are meant to be doing and serving their life purpose. Thank you for following your heart and being brave enough to pursue your calling. I am grateful to have worked with you and I know I am entering the next 40 years of my life completely a different person because of our work together. Thank you!
Kirem is an emotional weight-loss GIFT!!!! It was my first time trying intuitive guidance along with acupuncture and it will most definitely not be my last!! I did not know what to expect, but Kirem made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable as she guided me through the process of unlocking unhealthy patterns and beliefs I’ve carried with me throughout life. I now understand that those were what made me feel stuck both personally and professionally. Kirem provided me more therapeutic value in ONE session than years of working with psychotherapists. I’m on a much healthier path of pursuing what I REALLY want! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kirem!!!
L.K., Nashville
I feel so fortunate to have had Kirem give me my very first acupuncture treatment. I’d heard so many wonderful things about acupuncture and had been wanting to try it for some time, but was always a bit apprehensive. Kirem immediately put me at ease. Some people truly emit a healing energy and she is one of them. During our consultation, she easily identified connections between symptoms I thought were completely unrelated, which gave me a whole new understanding of my body. As soon as she began treatment I instantly relaxed as I realized how painless it really is. Kirem was calming and reassuring throughout and I can honestly say I have never felt as peaceful, clear or rejuvenated as I did after just one treatment!
Kirem is so compassionate and caring AND she knows what she is doing. Her dual Masters degree in both Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are obvious. I feel totally safe in her care. And, interestingly enough, Kirem has helped me with additional areas such as insomnia, carpal tunnel and headaches. It is amazing. After my first treatment, I slept 10 hours straight that evening after suffering from insomnia for several months. And I had gone to her for my knee, which she also helped. ALL treatments are helpful and worthwhile. I find myself looking forward to that one hour with Kirem every week!
Cindy, Brentwood
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