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Welcome to Peach & Crane! Successful healing comes from both patient and practitioner working together towards a common goal. This first meeting gives us a chance to get to know each other and establish a successful partnership for your healing journey. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to inform me about the condition you are seeking treatment for as well as learn more about the art of acupuncture and the services I offer.

A consultation is required prior to receiving future services at Peach & Crane. Consultations may be conducted over the phone or in-person.

30 minutes | FREE $75

Well Within Healing Program
Kick Off Appointment

$195 | up to 2 Hours
Orientation + First Intake + Mind, Body, Spirit Health Assessment + Exam + First Healing Session
6 WEEKS of Peach & Crane Membership
offering 10% off ALL products, services and classes

If you are in need of a deep dive into a “cocoon” of healing – creating and allowing the necessary time and space for mind, body, spirit transformation, let us lovingly guide you on your healing journey over six weeks to address what’s at the root of your symptoms, start to heal them and reclaim your best life. Our services are uniquely tailored to support the symptoms of spiritual awakening and serving empaths, healers and Lightworkers from all backgrounds and professions connect with their deepest inspirations to become forces of light in the world.

We also offer an a la carte option for getting started at Peach & Crane. The initial intake provides me with the opportunity to collect all of the information required to develop a treatment approach specialized just for you. The Intake consists of documenting your full health history and conducting a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physical exam. After I answer any questions you may have, I will help you settle in for your first acupuncture treatment. This first session will be gentle and customized for your body to help restore balance and establish a baseline for subsequent treatments. Most patients feel a difference after their very first session. As an a la carte offering, no discounts will be given after this session until the client is invited back to become a member of the practice.

90 minutes | $149 

After completing the Well Within Healing Program or an initial series of sessions, clients are invited on a case-by-case basis to become members of the practice. Memberships are $129 per month for a term of six months. Each membership includes one Peach & Crane Acupuncture Treatment (75 minutes) per month, as well as a discount of 10% or more on all products, services and classes offered by Peach & Crane.
At Peach & Crane, acupuncture is performed as a medical service. Therefore, by law, no tips may be accepted.


peach and crane acupuncture
Peach & Crane’s signature acupuncture treatment combines any aspect of the three different styles of acupuncture I practice (Traditional, Five Element & Balance Method) and always includes extra time spent on targeted cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, tui na massage, hand/foot acupressure, additional acupuncture or extra lifestyle coaching based on the patient’s signs and symptoms. This type and length of treatment allows me to employ all healing modalities in a spa-like setting to fully address a patient’s condition within one treatment and without a one-hour time constraint. Patients choose this treatment option to enjoy a little extra pampering in order to emerge fully relaxed and restored.

75 minutes | $140 | Members $125

This traditional acupuncture treatment addresses patient signs and symptoms through acupuncture within a 55-minute time limit. This type and length of treatment allows me to apply the best of basic acupuncture services indicated to address a patient’s condition within one hour. Patients appreciate having a time-efficient treatment option in complete privacy.

55 minutes | $120 | Members $105

Open Acupuncture Sessions at Peach & Crane allow for two or more people at time to join in a deep, healing experience that fuses mind, body and spirit together with the presence of a loved one or friend. Seated in comfortable, zero gravity recliners, clients remain fully clothed while receiving acupuncture in powerful distal points that can affect the entire body. Couples can especially benefit from the unique shared healing experience of an Open Acupuncture Session by allowing both individual’s Yin and Yang to adjust during the treatment so each emerge naturally attuned within. In Chinese Medicine, the health of our bodies and environment is based on the principle of harmony between Yin and Yang energies. The balance of Yin, or female, receptive energy and its opposite Yang, which is considered male, or active energy, is key to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Single individuals may book sessions during allotted “Community” times and will be joined by other individual clients who will also be treated with acupuncture and resting simulataneously. This is a great, lower-cost treatment option and perfect for those who might like to come to acupuncture more frequently and don’t mind the group setting.

Up to 90 minutes | $65 per person | Members $58.50

For patients enrolled in a formal treatment plan, it’s important to include periodic check-ins to review progress in addressing your main complaints, to prioritize any new symptoms that have come up and to gauge your body’s overall response to treatment. This option enables us to conduct a complete physical re-examination, discuss the current status of your wellness goals with you, and includes a full acupuncture treatment. If it’s been awhile since your last visit, I may require that we conduct a Re-exam upon your return to care in order to ensure your medical information is up to date. Any time saved during the physical re-examination and accompanying dialogue will go directly toward your treatment time in order to give you the longest treatment possible. Your treatment plan will indicate the frequency for which Acupuncture Re-exams will be required to meet the needs of your individual case.

Up to 90 minutes | $140 | Members $125

Cupping Therapy

peach and crane cupping treatment
It’s hard to resist the lightness of being and deep muscle-relaxing benefits of cupping therapy. In fact, many celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and Michael Phelps are fans. Cupping is an ancient practice that today utilizes glass, plastic or silicone cups to gently pull up and separate the skin, fascia and muscle layers for deep-tissue relief. Cupping penetrates deeper than a traditional massage and detoxifies the skin by clearing stagnant heat and toxins — which can also include emotional blockages — lodged deep within muscle fibers. With repeat visits, cupping marks lessen in intensity due to the cumulative effect of clearing pathogens before they have the time to accumulate again.For patients wishing to indulge in a separate treatment session just for this modality, the Spa Cupping Session makes it extra special. Enjoy a session without needles that features stationary and/or sliding cups with custom selected massage oil to fit your needs; aromatherapy; and a hand and/or foot acupressure massage. Just relax, breathe, and let the cups work their magic.

40 minutes | $88 | Members $80
Custom Cupping Sessions are also available and priced based on individual patients’ needs

“Cupping is one of my favorite services Kirem offers. It’s so relaxing and when I leave I feel like I just received an hour massage. To all you ladies, this treatment once a month around your menstrual cycle is a game changer. Mood swings are more controllable and cramps are less severe. I’d recommend this service to veteran acupuncture goers and first time newbies!”
– AD, Nashville

Feng Shui and Energy Work for the Home

Peach and Crane Apothecary
Learn more about Feng Shui and how this enigmatic Chinese art of placement can enhance the energy flow throughout your living and/or work environment. Good Feng Shui is like an acupuncture treatment for the home! Just as we treat the body with acupuncture to liberate stagnation and restore proper energy flow to alleviate internal health conditions, Feng Shui works in a similar fashion. Through the aesthetic alignment of furniture, décor, color, light, textures, plants, water features and more, Feng Shui maximizes opportunities for wellness, abundance, romance, harmony and balance. This consultation is an opportunity for us to discuss any specific areas of improvement needed for your rooms in your home or aspects of life, such as health, family, love or prosperity and the Feng Shui services I offer to address them.

30 minutes | Phone or In-Office | $75 or FREE when you book any Home Energy Work Service

There’s nothing like a clean slate. For many going through significant life changes, such as moving into a new home, getting married, preparing for a baby, grieving the loss of a loved one, fighting and recovering from an illness or putting the pieces back together after a breakup or layoff, transitioning into the next phase of one’s life can be a challenging and emotional time. Cleaning out your space down to the energetic level is a powerful way to release the past and launch a new beginning. Clearings help disrupt old patterns and make way for positive and inspired changes that align more accurately with a new “you”. Clearings combine an on-site intuitive energetic assessment followed by a room-by-room cleansing ritual that may consist of smoke (smudging sage bundled alone or with custom-selected herbs, Palo Santo, sweetgrass, moxa or incense), sound (bells, drum, clapping, singing, chanting mantra or music), light (candles, crystals) and intention-setting (through meditation, visualization, prayer) that aims to neutralize stagnant, negative energy and replace it with a vibration that is uplifting, positive, life-affirming and finely-tuned to the highest and best of its inhabitants. Clients are invited to be involved in the clearing process and encouraged to engage in sensing and defining the energetics of their own space at each stage. For those interested in sealing their newly cleared space, additional protection methods and tips for maintaining the clarity of their space are also offered. In traditional Feng Shui practice, Chinese homes are cleared annually at the beginning of the Lunar New Year to sweep out the dust from the old year and invoke good luck for the new one. Space clearings are recommended once a year and always prior to making any Feng Shui enhancements.

Approx. 60 minutes/1000 sq ft | $.20/sq ft| Members $.18/sq ft

During the assessment, I will get an overall feel of your home and floor plan, at which time you may also provide a tour of the space and/or the specific areas that are problematic for you. It will also be helpful to introduce me to all of the home’s inhabitants, including pets. Seeing the space as it is on a typical day is the best state for me to assist you. Feel free to pick up everyday items if you wish but know that all sessions are held in strict confidence. We will then walk back through your home or workspace by room or Bagua section as I begin to suggest changes. Changes will be based on a combined Feng Shui assessment of your space as well as the unique advantage I have as an acupuncturist to diagnose your Chinese Five Element constitutional type. I am happy to help you make as many changes as possible during my consultation if we are physically able to do so. At the conclusion I will help prioritize the remaining changes for you to make and return to my office for any additional research needed prior to sending you a final analysis and recommendations via email.

Approx. 60 minutes/1000 sq ft | $.25/sq ft | Members $.22/sq ft

This option combines an on-site consultation visit plus a whole-house space clearing and the opportunity to reset the energy of your entire home through a full Feng Shui assessment. A perfect option to clear, release the old and usher in a new way of being from the foundation up!

Space Clearing + Feng Shui | Approx. 90 minutes/sq ft | $.40/sq ft | Members $.35/sq ft

Energy Work

Peach and Crane Intuitive Guidance
Reiki is a 100 year-old Japanese energetic practice that utilizes the same life-force energy or Qi, that acupuncture activates, to promote healing within the body. Reiki is an extremely gentle and relaxing practice that can address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body symptoms. In a Reiki session, I empathically and intuitively assess the energetic flow within your chakra and meridian systems and through the subtle placement of hands above or on your body, help to remove blockages and restore energy flow. While experiences of Reiki treatment vary from person to person, feelings of deep relaxation are usually felt by all and many report feelings of radiance and the return of flow and balance. The sensation of letting go of anxiety, fear or other negative feelings is also common.

55 minutes | $105 | Members $94.50

Here are some examples of what Reiki is beneficial for:

  • Stress reduction, anxiety, stress-related ailments
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Emotional balancing, self-esteem, mental clarity
  • Fatigue, problems sleeping
  • Pain reduction or elimination, releasing tension from the body
  • Maintaining general wellness
  • Making or handling changes in your life
  • Relationships (singles, couples, families)
  • Trauma, grief
  • Recovery from abuse
  • Pre- and post-surgery (relaxation and preparation before surgery, reduces recovery time and helps with pain management)
  • Help to reduce side effects of medications or treatments (including individuals with cancer)
  • Chronic conditions
  • Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing
  • Improving immunity
  • Individuals in hospice comfort care

For this session, experience Reiki and/or acupuncture like never before and immerse yourself in the ultimate soul renewal at Peach & Crane! Find and dwell in your heart center through a deeply relaxing acupuncture treatment or intuitive Reiki healing session. While resting, simultaneously receive a channeled reading that reveals the wisdom, love and insight of your spirit guides, angels, animal totems, ancestors or ascended masters to empower you on your path. Open yourself up to receive an in-depth, rejuvenating and potentially life-changing experience in the gentle surroundings of a serene and spa-like atmosphere.

As a third-generation healer and empath-intuitive guide, I offer clients the ability to receive deeper levels of insight, connectivity and inspiration for their healing and life purpose. I empower clients by including them directly in the intuitive reading process. Through physical sensing, seeing or hearing, I share energetics, symbols and messages from Spirit that we interpret together to co-create the knowledge needed to assist you on your path to transformation. Sessions may include meditation, guided visualizations and other exercises or homework aimed to enhance subconscious awareness, vibrational frequency and balance of mind, body and spirit. Each session may also be tailored to help cultivate your own natural gifts so you may learn to steadily develop a direct connection to Spirit and further enlighten your path.

First-time clients:

Soul Immersion Session with Reiki & Acupuncture
(requires basic intake + exam) | 2 hours | $250
Return sessions | 75 minutes | $175

Soul Immersion Session with Reiki Only
90 minutes | $195
Return sessions | 75 minutes | $175

First Soul Immersion Session with Reiki & Acupuncture
90 minutes | $158 (includes 10% off)
Return sessions | 75 minutes | $149

With your permission, being physically present with Kirem is not required for energy healing to work or for her to channel intuitive guidance. You may ask for her to meditate on a current or past life challenge, a relationship concern, health issue or about questions pertaining to your soul’s purpose. She may perform a healing ceremony or ritual while tuned into your request to help you clear, transform or empower the healing you request. Following each session, she compiles a written report of her intuitive findings as well as any personalized exercises or healings channeled just for you.

$165 | Members $149

“Kirem is an emotional weight-loss GIFT!!!! It was my first time trying intuitive guidance along with acupuncture and it will most definitely not be my last!! I did not know what to expect, but Kirem made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable as she guided me through the process of unlocking unhealthy patterns and beliefs I’ve carried with me throughout life. I now understand that those were what made me feel stuck both personally and professionally. Kirem provided me more therapeutic value in ONE session than years of working with psychotherapists. I’m on a much healthier path of pursuing what I REALLY want! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kirem!!!”

– L.K., Nashville

“My treatment today was incredible. You are a gifted healer and an amazing soul. My gratitude is endless. Mind-blowing experience again! What you do in a session, really, is worth 6 months of weekly therapy. You are so gifted and are so on your path. I am telling my friend to get in to see you, I know it would be life-changing. Life is good again. Again, thank you.”

– T.K., Brentwood

“I can’t get over our session [this week]. It was absolutely unbelievable!! I am still feeling much better (lighter) and one of my friends… even commented on how I looked the next day. She came into my office and said, “Wow, you look good today!… you look centered – your eyes are clear.” I just smiled and said I am more centered and clear than I have been in quite a while. I am still gathering my thoughts on it all, but I can’t begin to tell you how much you helped me. Truly you are a gift.

– S.B., Nashville

Studio Features

      • 1:1 service in your own private healing arts studio
      • Aromatherapy
      • Heated massage table
      • Soft, plush massage table linens
      • Cooling memory foam headrest
      • Additional bolsters and pillows for maximum comfort
      • Herb-filled eye mask available for extra relaxation
      • Adjustable room temperature control
      • Heat lamp for targeted heat therapy
      • Gently dimming overhead lighting
      • Soothing, ambient spa music
      • Direct access to a discreet private entrance available for VIPs
      • House calls also available


Kirem is a natural when it comes to caring for others. Her pure unadulterated enthusiasm is always a joy to me (and especially so when I announced my pregnancy!). Her belief in acupuncture and a holistic approach, is immediately evident and is infectious in its own way — I feel like she was an important part of making me more open to acupuncture and more confident in it. Besides her enthusiasm and warm personality, I am always impressed with her willingness to do extra research. For me [it was for] fertility — [She recommended] books, foods/diet and other ways outside of acupuncture to care for myself. She encouraged me to think creatively, and that was just an added (unexpected) bonus of coming to acupuncture. My sum, Kirem is an outstanding practitioner, hands down.
I am so thankful you were still there last Friday when [my friend] offered to introduce us. I have been interested in trying a treatment for awhile now but I probably would not have ended up making an appointment had you not been there for me to meet you. I am normally more the shy, quiet, very private type of person but you made me feel so comfortable talking to you. You made me feel important, like I was the only person that mattered in the world during my time there. You genuinely care about your patients and that is really hard to find these days.
Licensed Practical Nurse, La Vergne
I never experienced acupuncture prior to Peach & Crane. I can’t imagine anything better. I’ve had Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot that started nine months ago and constant loud ringing in my ears for a long time. Now I am walking completely pain free after six treatments. My daily schedule which includes walking has been resumed pain free. I am sleeping better. The ringing in my ear is much improved and is now more like a soft hum…it is a relief not to experience the loud ringing in my ear. Kirem has taught me to meditate and this is a very helpful tool I now use when I am feeling stressed. She also introduced me to Chinese Herbal rubs which have been very beneficial and smell delightful.
MES, Nashville
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